How to create online rent agreement in Pune.

How to create online rent agreement in Pune.

Online rent agreement can be done in Pune and rest of Maharashtra under 7 cities. It has become very important to have online rent agreement for document proof or any other legal standing.

After reading this blog you will be able to create your own online rent agreement.

For creating your own online rent agreement you will be needing following things.

  1. Adhaar card and Pan card details of - Owner, Tenant and Witness.

  2. Biometrics thumb scanner to authenticate your aadhaar identity..

  3. Windows 7 or Windows 10 laptop.

So let us begin with the process.


  1. To create your own online rent agreement you have to visit govt of Maharashtra official website for rent agreement. ‚Äč

  2. After you are on this website, you will need to create a token. To create a token, see “New Entry” tab where you will be able to fill the information and create your password.

  3. Now you will have your token no. and password. Enter this into modifying entry/status tab and login to your account.

  4. Once you are into your account you can start filling your information so that you are ready to go for your online rent agreement.

  5. The first information is property details. Here you will need to have the perfect address according to your light bill or Index II. The area of the property, location, etc. Fill all this information and save it.

  6. The next tab will be “Party Details” . Here you will need to fill the party details of all the parties.

  7. Here the parties are the owner, the tenant and the 2 witness. Fill all those details here and save it.

  8. Once you are done with your property details and party details, now it is the time to Rent and other terms.

  9. To proceed with the online rent agreement, you will need to calculate your stamp duty and registration charges.

  10. Fill your rent, tenure, deposit, etc, and it will display you the amount you need to pay as stamp duty and registration charges.

  11. Now once you have the amount, you need to visit website and purchase the same amount of stamp duty

  12. Once you have purchased your stamp duty you will get your GRN No. You will have to enter the GRN no. onto the efilingigr portal and start with the final procedure for the online rent agreement.

  13. It will authenticate your GRN no and you can proceed with the online registered rent agreement.

  14. You can enter the deposit transaction details, and maintenance clauses.

  15. All the generic clauses are covered in the agreement, but if you have any special clause you can enter it in the miscellaneous column.

  16. After that you can add furniture details, and save the form, and you are almost ready with your online rent agreement

  17. And now you have the draft ready.

  18. You can have your own biometrics scanner to authenticate your aadhaar details or you can book your appointment at

  19. is a very professional team which is into services of preparing online rent agreement and does all this process for you with door step visit of the executive.


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