How to make online rent agreement?

How to make online rent agreement?

Maharashtra govt. has made the process of rent agreement online, so you can do your process for online rent agreement on your own.

But this does not mean that you can remotely do it.

As the online rent agreement needs aadhar verification, all the parties, tenant, owner and 2 witnesses should be present while executing the online rent agreement.

So how does this online rent agreement work?

To prepare online rent agreement, you can visit our official website

After visiting to our website, you can calculate the cost of agreement.

Cost of online rent agreement depends on you rent, deposit and tenure.

It is generally somewhere between 2500-3500 in most of the cases.

After you have filled you email id and mobile no. on our official website for online rent agreement, our executive will call you.

He will explain you the detailed procedure for making online rent agreement.


The form includes

1.       Owner Details

2.       Tenant Details

3.       Witness Details

4.       Property Details.

Though the documents are not required to be uploaded, but to fill all the information for online rent agreement, you should keep your aadhar card, PAN Card and Index II of the property.

Once you have filled this information, you can schedule your appointment.

For the appointment of online rent agreement, all the parties need to be present on the place mentioned in the form, (mostly the flat which is been rented)

On the said time and place, our executive will come and execute the agreement.


Before that, what does do on your behalf to prepare your online rent agreement?

Once we receive your form, we will go to the official website, and create a token on your behalf.

Once the token is created, we are all set to fill the information required for the online rent agreement.

The first information which is to be filled for online rent agreement is the property details

It will include the detailed property address with the survey no.

The total area of the flat, carpet area, etc.

Once we have filled the information, we shall proceed with the owners details.

If there is single owner, we will fill it only for him/ her.

If there are 2 owners, we will have to fill the details for both the owners, and both the owners will be required to be there for online rent agreement execution.

Once the owner details are done, we shall proceed to the tenant details.

This can be 3-4 or even 5 parties.

We will have to fill all the details for all the tenants,

The information includes name, address, aadhar and pan card no.

Now we are done with the owner and tenant details, the next step for online rent agreement is to fill the witness details.

You need to remember that for online rent agreement, the witness required are 2, one from the owner side, and one from the tenant side. Or it can be both from one side.

Now you will have to fill the witness details.

Here we have finished the party details.

The next step is the agreement features.

Before we go to the agreement features, the most important thing for online rent agreement is the stamp duty and registration charges.

This stamp duty and registration charges will also have to be purchased online.

So for that we have to go to the official website of revenue department of Maharashtra govt. and from there we have to purchase the stamp duty and pay the registration charges.

Here also we will have to provide the owner and tenant details.

Now once you are done with the stamp duty and registration charges, you will be given a GRN No.

That GRN no, you have to enter in online rent agreement section in your dashboard.

Once the GRN no, is verified, you will have to select the few clauses,

Like who will pay the rent agreement charges,

Who will pay the maintenance duty?

What all equipments are included in the online rent agreement?

This is the total draft of the online rent agreement,

Now next step is execution,

Where your biometrics will be authenticated, and your photo will be taken with the webcam our executive carries.

Once these are done for all the parties, your online rent agreement is prepared.

After execution, it will take 3-4 working days for your agreement to be approved.

Which you will receive on your email.

This is the complete process how online rent agreement is done.

Create hassle free online registered rent agreement in Pune/PCMC


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