Steps of making Online Registered Rent Agreement in Pune | PCMC

Steps of making Online Registered Rent Agreement in Pune | PCMC

Globalization has connected the entire world with various means one of them is Information technology. Digitization is making our life easy. With the help of technology, we can do our stuff anytime & anywhere. Maharashtra govt. has made a separate website for online rent agreement which saves our time and money.

This blog will give you a detailed insight on how online rent agreements are made. Let's begin:

Step1. Verification of document: document verification such as Identity proof, Address proof, aadhar card and so on is done by our online rent agreement platform a client is needed to submit the documents to the conser and rest will be done by the team

Step2. Drafting: allows you to go through easy steps for rent agreement. All we need to do is filling an online form which prepares a draft and can be downloaded and sent on your email. Which means before preparing the final rent agreement, a rough drafting of the agreement is done.

Step 3.  Payment: customer has to pay govt. fees (i.e. Stamp duty and Registration Charges ) plus professional fees in the third step. This can be through online transfer or Payu Money

Step 4. Scanning biometrics and photographs: fourth step involves scanning of fingerprint biometrics and photograph. Fingerprint should be matching with your aadhaar card. Tenants and the Lawyer can fix an appointment for the said purpose where executive will come and collect your details.

Step 5. Acknowledgment of agreement: final step is all about sending an acknowledge to the customer. Soft copy of rent agreement is automatically generated online, which can be downloaded or delivered to the tenant and lawyer. This process may take around 24 to 48 hours to get a final copy of registered rent agreement.

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