How to make commercial online rent agreement Pune?

How to make commercial online rent agreement Pune?

Whenever you rent a place for your stay our office, it is mandatory that you prepare a registered rent agreement.

There are two cases where you make an online rent agreement:

1.       Personal stay – bachelors / families

2.       Commercial use – office

As we all know Pune is an IT hub, there are lots of small startups and big companies operating in the city of Pune, and hence in this article I would explain you what are the documents required for making a commercial online rent agreement Pune, as well as the tenure and procedure for the same.

To make a commercial online rent agreement Pune, we will first see the parties required:

1.       Owner – the person who owns the property

2.       Registered company – It can be a sole proprietor company, a partnership firm, LLP or a Private Ltd company. A trust or NGO can also make a commercial online rent agreement Pune.

3.       Authorized person – is the person who is authorized by the company to execute the commercial online rent agreement on their behalf.

Now we will see the documents required for making a commercial online rent agreement Pune.

1.       Owner:

a.       Aadhar Card

b.      Pan Card

2.       Registered Company

a.       Incorporation Certificate

b.      Pan Card

c.       Board Resolution for appointing authorized person

3.       Authorized person

a.       Aadhar Card

b.      Pan Card

4.       Witness (two)

a.       Aadhar Card

b.      Pan Card


Fees for preparing a commercial rent agreement Pune:

The fees depend on the rent and deposit of the flat/space.

For eg. If your rent is Rs. 25000, the deposit is 50,000 and tenure is for 11 months, the cost of online rent agreement would be Rs. 2900/-

To check the exact fees you can use our rent agreement fees calculator here:


How does the process for online rent agreement Pune (commercial) works:

1.       If you are interested to make a online rent agreement, you can call / Whatsapp us on : 9834927237 or email us                            on

2.       Once you have raised an inquiry for the online rent agreement Pune, our executive will get back to you in next 30mins.

3.       The executive will explain to you the detailed procedure and fee structure, and will also send you an information form on              your email.

4.       Once you receive an information form on your email, you will have to fill the details, owner, tenant and witness details,and            revert us back on the same email.

5.       After which we will visit the official IGR website, create a token for you and fill in all the details on your behalf.

6.       While you fill in the details in the information form for the online rent agreement Pune, you will also have to provide us                  with the convenient appointment time for scheduling a visit.

7.       After that our executive will visit your place and execute the agreement. All the parties need to be present for the                          agreement as we will require your biometrics to make an online rent agreement in Pune.


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