What are functions of Online Rent Agreement

What are functions of Online Rent Agreement

The following are the functions of making online rent agreement.

1. Address proof. It is the rent registered agreement which is used as an address proof for  every  requirement in government as well as private .A registered rent agreement is the best option of getting a legal address proof. Hence, notarised rent agreement does not give this motive as many of the government  and banks etc. bodies do not take it into consideration. Registered rent agreement is the only path to solve this matter. For e.g. for all government and private bodies require making registered rent agreement as address proof is mandatory.

2. Safety of Deposit:  For residential/commercial purposes where there is an involvement  of renting properties  involving a  big amount of deposit and rents,registered rent agreement serves extra security regarding the refundable deposit provided by the tenants. Registered rent agreement confirms that the refundable deposit would be refunded after the lease period end.

3. Terms and condition: Registered rent agreement is a written consensus  of the terms and condition  between the owner and tenant. If it is registered (at the sub-registrar office) the rent agreement becomes compulsory to both the parties and no more changes can be made without the approval of the other party to the agreement.

4. Authorised use of the premises: Registered rent agreement confirms that it is being used for required purpose except  any other purpose in this process the owner has control on the tenant whether he is using leased property legal or illegal.

5. Illegal Encroachment: a registered rent agreement firstly ensures that there will be no interference  of any third party except owner and tenant. If the owner and tenant has agreed about the third party interference then it may happen. This is the unique quality of rent agreement which makes it different from other.

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