Clauses of Online Registered Rent Agreement

Clauses of Online Registered Rent Agreement

The facility to create online Leave and License agreement / rent agreement in Pune / PCMC started by the state of Maharashtra (i.e.: has a predefined template. The following are the mandatory clauses available in the template: -

1. Between the parties- All the important credentials are saved during agreement. Names, full address and other essential details of the licensor and the licensee are added while making agreement.

2. purpose- Agreement is a legal document which defines the permission given by the Licensor to the Licensee. Such agreement protect both in the court of law and takes care that nothing goes illegal.

3. Period- Agreement defines the period till when the agreement remains valid. Usually it ranges from 11 months to 22 months to 33 months.

4. Licence fee and Deposit- Licence fee is paid monthly. It is non-refundable which is already agreed by both parties. Deposit is collected as the security fee paid once while making agreement. Deposit is refundable to the Licensor.

5. Deposit as security- Agreement explicitly states about deposit which is to be given by Licensee. This deposit would be refundable as agreed in agreement. It also includes the means of payment i.e. Cash, Cheque or Draft.

6. Maintenance Charges- Maintenance charge is an extra charge to the rent and deposit. Maintenance is not included in agreement which needs to be paid regularly and separately. Maintenance charges is not part of the agreement. This charge is levied on the licensor and needs to paid separately.

7. Electricity Charges- The electricity bill is needed to be paid by licensee. Licensor will have the right to see the receipt of payment.

8. No Tenancy- All the terms and conditions are mentioned in an agreement. It includes that licensor has granted the rights to the licensee such as using premises for the prescribed purpose. Licensee has to use the premise and other things for the purpose which is mentioned in the agreement. Loan against premises can’t be raised by the licensee.

9. Inspection- Agreement gives right to the owner to inspect and the check the licensed area. Licensor has to give a notice to the licensee with the reasonable time period before inspection.

10. Cancellation- Clauses mentioned in the agreement are needed to be followed by both parties. Licensor reserve right to cancel agreement if the licensee does not remain obliged to the agreement. He can serve notice of a month to empty the premises. Owner can ask to vacate the premise if the monthly rent is not paid regularly. Licensee also can vacate the premise by giving one-month notice to the owner.

12. Possession- Premise is needed to be vacated once the agreement is cancelled or terminated. When the period of agreement gets finishes then licensee has to take himself out along with his/her belongings. If the licensee does not take his/her belongings out of premises then the licensor has the authority to charge the lessee twice the fee normally charged.

13. Registration. Agreement talks of distribution of registration fee and stamp duty and other charges. Proportion of charges to be paid is already decided and mentioned in the agreement. These charges can be paid by one party of can be paid by both.


14. Miscellaneous- Anything which is not mentioned above can be added here.

All above mentioned points are to be addressed while making online agreement. This is just a format for the convenience of the owner as well tenant. Any person can go through and understand the process. Online as well as offline methods are available. However online method saves time and money hence becomes more convenient.


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