how to get registered rent agreement in pune

how to get registered rent agreement in pune

Making a rent agreement in Pune has become a very tedious and time-consuming task.When we are looking for a flat, it is nowadays impossible to get a flat without a broker. And when we have a broker, the amount he charges is very high.

The broker also offers an extra service i.e. making your agreement, explaining to us how difficult it is to make rent agreement in Pune and thus he will charge only Rs. 5k for doing all the process

As we are not aware of the process, both the tenant and owner agrees to pay the amount the broker has quoted.But, now the government of Maharashtra has taken an initiative to take this process online of making online registered rent agreement. With this initiative, the tenant or the owner himself can make the registered rent agreement online in Pune, Mumbai or any part of Maharashtra.

The process is very simple. I will take you through the process step by step.

1. To start with the process of online registered rent agreement, the first thing  you will have to visit the official website of IGR i.e.

2. There you will have to create a token. Entering your details and password you will generate a token.

3. Once you have generated the token no. you can log in to your account using same token number and password.

4. Here the real process of online registered rent the agreement begins. Now the first details you need to fill is property details – In property details, you have to fill the complete details of the property. Your Index II document or Light bill can be of help while you are filling these details.

5. Now when you are done with these details you can move to next details i.e. party details. While entering the party details you should have with you the Aadhaar copy and pan card copy. Here you will need to fill the details.

6. In party details, you will have to fill owner details, (owners can be multiple) and tenant details (tenants can also be multiple). And you will be required to fill details of 2 witness as well.

7. After you are done filling the party details now you can move to the agreement details.

8. Here you will have to fill your total rent, refundable deposit and the tenure you are making the agreement for.

9. Now the next process is to fill the stamp duty details. Before you fill the stamp duty details, you will have to purchase the stamp duty. Stamp duty includes your registration as well as your stamp duty required by the agreement. You can calculate your stamp duty at our portal

10. Now you can purchase the stamp duty from this website

11. Once you make the transaction, you will be provided with the GRN No. You will have to enter the token number in your registered rent agreement portal.

12. It would check for the authenticity of the GRN No. Once your GRN No is verified you can proceed to the next step.

13. Now you can select your clause related to your maintenance charge, etc.

14. You will also get an option to select your furniture items.

15. You can also add any miscellaneous clauses if you wish to.

16. After this thing is done your agreement draft will be generated. If you wish to send it to your owner or tenant you can send it. You can also check for mistakes if you have done while entering your details of rent agreement.

17. Now the next important thing is you need to enter biometric thumbprints and photos of every party, as the online registered rent agreement procedure is aadhar linked.

18. The devices are costly and not everyone would want to invest 10k for devices to make one agreement a year.  Hence players like us come in a picture where we offer all these services including the data entry, stamp duty purchase, and also the biometrics device that too home delivered.

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