Advantages and disadvantages of making online Rent Agreement

Advantages and disadvantages of making online Rent Agreement

Rent agreement process in Pune and PCMC changing much faster than expectation hence Information Technology has made Rent Agreements much easier than imagination

Digitisation is spreading across India with immense amount of speed. Maharashtra govt. has decided to digitise entire database which is available in the form of hard copies.Making rent agreement has become one of the parts of the very same process. Online rent agreement has removed all the hurdles which were faced during agreement. Every coin has two its side is same with the online rent agreement. It has advantages and disadvantages in Pune and PCMC. Advantages and disadvantages of rent agreement in Pune and PCMC is explained below.


1. Fast Creation- It takes less time to make rental agreement in Pune and PCMC with the help of internet.

2. Scanning photographs and fingerprint- Online rent agreement can be done anywhere and anytime. Photograph and fingerprint can be scanned at home, office or anywhere else.

3. Easy payment- Online rent agreements allows you to pay through Debit card, Credit card and net banking etc. This process bypasses the traditional payment in cash method.

4. Stamp duty and Registration fee- Paying stamp duty and registration fee was a hassle but nowadays it has been made easy by online rent agreement process. One can pay stamp and registration fee online with net banking, debit card and credit card while making rent agreement

5. Economical- online rent agreement in Pune and PCMC does not ask to pay extra charges for scanning, typing etc. 


Lets have a look on drawbacks of making online rental agreements-

1. Non-Flexible draft- Process of making online rental agreement does not allow the step of preparing the draft and hence many important inputs are missed eg.

a. Interest is not charged on the amount of deposit

b. Damages are deducted from the deposit.

c. Online Rental agreements has a defined draft and only inputs like names, address, amount etc are entered and other inputs can’t be entered.

2. Server issues- online rental agreements has a big challenge known as breakdown of the server. Many time govt. website work slow due to heavy load. When the server is working fine but when server is down then it becomes very difficult to complete online rent agreement.

3. Scanning of photographs- Online rental agreement in Pune and PCMC ask for Photographs which needs high quality camera. If the camera is of low quality then it becomes difficult to upload photographs on website. Hence it require a good quality camera for scanning photograph


Despite, all the drawbacks of making rent agreements online, the features and advantages of making online rent agreements outweighs all the disadvantages

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